How much income can I make and qualify for Medicaid?

To be honest, there is no specific amount you need to make as an income before you qualify for Medicaid; therefore, the income level is set depending on the state you live in, just as required by the federal law.

Strictly considering two factors, which includes the state you live in, and the size of your family or household determine the income level. The latter states that income can be higher; when there are more people in the family, which includes any dependents irrespective of the age, while the former poised that after the federal might have set the required minimum standard for the Medicaid program, each state has the legitimate right to increase the income level to ensure it covers more people.

The federal Medicaid set it income level or eligibility based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). On the average, you are to make $2,199/month as income; if you make over that amount, then you are considered qualified. (Kindly note, the dollar rate used may change anytime, therefore don’t rely on this figure until you verify the current rate.)

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