What income is available to a spouse that is not in need of Medicaid for long term care benefits?

There is no level to the income a well spouse can have. Speak to a competent attorney about other options when it comes to an applicant’s income being diverted to the well spouse.

You don’t have to worry when your spouse goes to a nursing home, there is something called “spousal protections” that allows you to keep some assets and income and still qualify for Medicaid with us.

Walser Law does not require a healthy spouse to give out all of her income and property, just for the needy spouse to qualify for long term care through Medicaid.  We implore “spousal protection” rules to provide the spouse of a nursing home resident the opportunity to keep enough income and assets to live on.

We also allow these spouses to keep some of their spouse’s income if they are in need of serious financial support. “Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance” (MMMNA) is the amount of money a spouse can keep, and the good news is; it is not added to the Medicaid eligibility calculation. The MMMNA varies from state to state, but government tries to regulate it according to some poverty guidelines.

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