I heard Medicaid can take our house for reimbursement. Is that true?

Yes and the level of its veracity has been conditioned. Medicaid is an entirely unique program that considers paying for its participants’ long-term care, for this reason, Medicaid has the right to be reimbursed for the entire amount it exhausted to care for its participants.

Every state has its guidelines and legal procedures on the Medicaid reimbursement process. One of the things that qualify a participant for Medicaid is that the participant must be a low-income earner and possess few assets apart from their home. However, this depends on the participants’ state of residence. For anyone who qualifies, Medicaid foots the entire bill of a long-term stay in a Medicaid participating nursing home.

If Medicaid shoulders the bill of its participants, then it has the right to seek reimbursement for all it calculated expenses it has covered to care for participants by merely making a claim. The reimbursement comes from the value of a participant’s house.

This case is more prevalent when Medicaid discovers that a participant is dead, this process is always referred to as “Estate Recovery.”

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