Why should I apply for Medicaid coverage?

To help give you and your family financial assistance for long-term planning and potentially preserve some of your hard-earned assets.

Walser Law is a firm founded with the intention of assisting those with various challenges, low-income earners especially.

We help give individuals and their families financial assistance for long-term care planning to potentially preserve some of their hard-earned assets.

There are specific categories of people who are eligible to apply with us for Medicaid, and they include, low-income earners below a certain age, pregnant women, parents of Medicaid-eligible children who meet specific income requirements, low-income disabled individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and the low-income earners of ages 65 and older.

Registering with us will help provide you and your family with mandatory medical and health care services such as nursing facility services, home health services, physician services, family planning services, nurse midwife services, x-ray and laboratory services, rural health clinic services, and inpatient – outpatient hospital services.

Medicaid can also provide a couple of optional benefits such as prescribing drugs, clinic services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory services, personal care, prosthetics, dentures, dental services, podiatry services, hospice, services in an intermediate care facility for people with intellectual disability, services for individuals aged 65 or older in an Institution for Mental Disease (IMD), psychiatric services for individuals under age 21, etc.

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